Solve the World’s Problems With Magnetic Darts!

Heavy duty magnetic dart board with 12 darts. Safe for ages 5+ and most adults 😊

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The Zen Dart Board

Re-introducing the game of ultimate skill that has united children, adults, and families for hundreds of years. Now with magnets!

Our magnetic dart board includes 12 darts with strong, permanent neodymium magnets! The board measures 22 inches diagonally and is made of heavy-duty magnetized fabric that easily rolls up to take indoors or outside.

Ideal for children over 5 years old, it’s the perfect game for kids, and to help adults make life’s most important decisions!

“I love playing darts! Bullseye!!”

Tyler, Age 7

“A game of darts decided that our mother-in-law should come live with us. This stinks.”

Denise, Age 34

High-Quality, Safe & Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Double the Fun!

Measuring 22″ diagonally, the board is printed on both sides, simply flip the dart board to play a variety of games!

12 Darts

Comes with 12 strong magnetic darts in red, green, blue, and yellow.  They fly straight and stick to the board!

Super Strong Magnets

Made with permanent neodymium magnets, the darts and board provide the ultimate in performance and durability.

Durable & High Quality

Printed on heavy-duty high quality cloth, the Zen Dart Board is designed for years of indoor or outdoor use.

Safe For Ages 5+

Safe for ages 5 and up, fun for families and adults.  Or gather some friends and play over Zoom. 😉

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Zen Dart Board comes with a 2 year warranty.  We’ll replace it for free if you have any problems.

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The Zen Dart Board Is For All Ages!

For Kids


Great for play time and parties.  Play it as a family for laughs or friendly competition!

Coordination & Motor Skills

Refine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and laser-like…dare I say it…Zen concentration!

Build Math Skills

Develop math skills by keeping score – count and add with a variety of different games while having fun.

For Adults

Resolve Disagreements

Arguing over who does the dishes or takes Fido out for his poop break? Solve it with a game of darts!

Make Life Decisions

Play darts to decide whether to let your mother-in-law live with you, or empty your 401k early to get that llama farm.

Invest Wisely

Debating between index funds or Bitcoin? Put up a list of stocks and throw darts at it!

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